Grade 1 Music

Grade 1 Music

Grade 1 Music Google Class Code: sblmo3u


Students in Grade 1 music will listen to, make and move to music.  They will describe the sounds around them and explore beats and rhythms.  Through learning simple action songs, singing games, and experiencing a variety of non-pitched and pitched instruments, students will begin to understand how music can express feelings. 





General Learner Expectations:

Students will develop:

-          Enjoyment of Music

-          Awareness and appreciation of a variety of music, including music of the many cultures represented in Canada

-          Insights into music through meaningful musical activities

-          Self-expression and creativity

-          Musical skills and knowledge


Specific Learner Expectations


-          Rhythm

-          Melody

-          Harmony

-          Form

-          Expression (tempo, dynamics, tone color)



-          Singing

-          Playing instruments

-          Listening

-          Moving

-          Reading (writing)

-          Creating



-          Enjoyment of music

-          Foster positive attitudes in singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, reading, and creating.