Grade 6 Music

Grade 6 Music

Grade 6 Music Google Class Code: feo2a3k

 Students in Grade 6 explore the music of the world.  They understand that there are many kinds of rhythms and that melodies may be based on many different scales (major or minor).  Studying longer forms of music, they recognize that concerto, opera and symphony combine a variety of structural forms.  Looking at the history of music (composers), and various genres of music (blues, jazz, classical, African, Latin, Rock, country etc) builds appreciation for music and its many styles and genres.  Students will continue to play music with a variety of pitched and non-pitched instruments in a variety of songs.




General Learner Expectations:

Students will develop:

-          Enjoyment of Music

-          Awareness and appreciation of a variety of music, including music of the many cultures represented in Canada

-          Insights into music through meaningful musical activities

-          Self-expression and creativity

-          Musical skills and knowledge


Specific Learner Expectations:



-          Rhythm

-          Melody

-          Harmony

-          Form

-          Expression (tempo, dynamics, tone color)



-          Singing

-          Playing instruments

-          Listening

-          Moving

-          Reading (writing)

-          Creating



-          Enjoyment of music

-          Foster positive attitudes in singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, reading, and creating.