Grade 4 Music

Grade 4 Music

Grade 4 Music Google Class Code: hne4waa

Grade 4 music students will understand that they can experiment with tuned instruments and combine sounds with their classmates to make harmony.  They will group instruments into families based on tonal qualities and identify major and minor chords.  Grade 4 students will make music with a variety of pitched and non-pitched instruments and in a variety of songs with different form and metre. 



General Learner Expectations:

Students will develop:

-          Enjoyment of Music

-          Awareness and appreciation of a variety of music, including music of the many cultures represented in Canada

-          Insights into music through meaningful musical activities

-          Self-expression and creativity

-          Musical skills and knowledge


Specific Learner Expectations:



-          Rhythm

-          Melody

-          Harmony

-          Form

-          Expression (tempo, dynamics, tone color)



-          Singing

-          Playing instruments

-          Listening

-          Moving

-          Reading (writing)

-          Creating



-          Enjoyment of music

-          Foster positive attitudes in singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, reading, and creating.